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You’ve found an ally…

A personal message from the owner…

During the 15 years I spent working as a contract coder, lasting relationships were built with hospital Coding Managers and HIM Directors. Their struggles with managing their own coders, plus contract coders, and the pressure of keeping the DNFB down were apparent. The strong feeling of loyalty towards every hospital I worked for, along with the realization of their high costs of using contract coders made me even more determined to work diligently so they got the best return on every dollar. Today, I look for these same qualities when hiring HIM professionals to fulfill your needs.


Has a contract company ever asked or required you to…

sign a non-compete clause?

sign a timed contract for a certain number of years?

put your own coders on a project so their coders have work?

accept the work of off-shore coders?

work with their company ONLY?

be okay with non-certified 'professionals' doing your work?

RSM Coding Solutions will NEVER ask or require these of you because we don’t believe in them – WHY?
They benefit only the company, NOT the facility. And we want what’s best for YOU.

We Recruit the Best

Even more important than cost is the quality of the work you’ll get for the price you pay.

At RSM Coding Solutions, we take pride in our high standards, and our team reflects those standards for quality, accuracy, and value. If you contract a professional from RSM Coding Solutions, you can be assured that:

  • They have at least 5 years coding experience.
  • They are AHIMA and/or AAPC certified.
  • You will find them to be efficient, accurate, hardworking and friendly.

All of this adds up
to big savings for you!


And of course, if there are other ways to reduce costs
unique to a facility’s needs, we’re happy to do what
we can to accommodate those other areas as well.

Lower Costs

Here are a few of our proven cost-managing strategies:

  • You Deserve a Break
    • When a coder is new to your facility and still learning your computer system and charts, we cut the price in half for the first 8 hours of work.
    • When charged for OT, you’re paying solely for the employee’s time. RSM Coding does not benefit monetarily from this.
  • Onsite Work
    • We are realistic with meal reimbursements: We don’t hand out the full reimbursement on travel days, unless the coder is working longer than a half day.
    • We do not charge for the first 30 minutes of travel in a day.
    • We take the extra time to do our homework in order to save money, shopping around for the best hotel and flight deals available.

“During the years that our organization has partnered with RSM Coding we have found the entire team to be professional, supportive and always striving to provide excellent customer service.  The coding team members consistently ask for feedback to improve their performance and are committed to helping us reach our goals. Becky and her administrative team communicate in an effective, timely manner to meet our needs.”

– Sherry B.

“RSM Coding Solutions has been performing inpatient and outpatient coding audits for my facility since early 2017.  Audits are completed and returned to us in a professional layout that is clear and concise.  Each potential coding/DRG change is supported with appropriate coding guideline rationale.  RSM staff respond within the timeframe given and have provided  additional data that  might be requested by my facility.  Becky and her staff are professional and pleasant and we enjoy working with them.”
-Debby T.