About Us

A company built on Communication, Transparency, and Trust.

A personal message from Becky MonDore,
owner and founder of RSM Coding Solutions, LLC:

When I started RSM Coding over ten years ago, I had a vision in mind: To provide coding services for facilities and jobs for coders based on a standard of integrity, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and professionalism. After spending 15 years as a contract coder, I had developed a deep understanding for the needs of both facilities and coders. But I was frustrated with the system I was seeing, and the problems I watched supervisors, directors, and coders dealing with. I knew I could find a way to provide better service and solutions for both facilities seeking coders and coders seeking work. The thought would always cross my mind: If I had my own business, I would always do this, or I would never do that. I thought of countless things I could do differently to create a better system for all involved. So in 2005, I finally started RSM Coding, my own company where the ‘always’ and ‘nevers’ could be put into action to create real change. From the very beginning of RSM Coding, I only hired people who had a great work ethic and who took pride in their work; those who were trustworthy, honest, reliable, and responsible. More than 10 years later, those are still the only kind of people I hire, and I’m proud to say the staff at RSM Coding Solutions is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable in the industry. At RSM, we maintain an exceptionally high standard of quality, integrity, professionalism, and work ethic. We are fully committed to providing cost-effective, dependable, quality, and personalized solutions for our clients, whatever their coding needs may require. We’re equally committed to providing a quality experience for coders, with extremely competitive pay and reimbursement, plenty of scheduling options, and a sense of respect and appreciation for their hard work and dedication. That’s because for us, business IS personal.  We become a team of people — RSM Coding, the facility, and all the coders involved–working together to get a job done well and be as cost-effective as possible. So whether you’re a company looking to contract quality coders or a coder looking for a quality work experience, you’ve come to the right place.